May 31st was the official end date of Clear5G, some 25 publications, 19 contributions to 3GPP, more than 40 presentations and lectures and a range of proof of concepts that demonstarte the enhancements Clear5G has investigated and developed to make 5G more suitable for apllication in the harsh environments industrial factory floors may pose for a communication system.

The final review has now been postponed to September and we still hope that the Covid-19 situation will allow an "in person" review.

The project team is working on the integration of the final use cases, this brings together  the different components and functions we have been investigating, developing and implementing with the aim to make 5G more suitable for the factory floor. Videos of the individual techniques and the integration will be provided over, or shortly after the summer.

Project extended

With the developing Covid-19 Situation and the uncertainty if the planned final project review will be feasible at the start of June, the commission granted a three months project extension to the end of May 2020. Most of the deliverables will still be submitted according to the original timeplan, but the final demonstration and exploitation related reports will be pushed out to the new end of the project.

By the end of January, Clear5G had managed to make 19 contributions to 3GPP standardisation, the main contributors, NTU and TNO presented techniques and approaches that were discussed and considered in TSG-SA WG1, TSN RAN WG2, and 3GPP TSG RAN WG1.

Members of the Clear5G project team, Burak Gorkemli (Argela), Zilong Liu (Surrey), and our technical manager Haibin Zhang (TNO), have build up and delivered lecture series on Clear5G findings. Between February and December 2019, the three colleagues delivered altogether 20 lectures at various Universities in Taiwan, Turkey, UK, SIngapore, China, and India. The lectures were very well attended and in total around 800 researchers and students were reached and Clear5G findings presented to them and discussed with them.

Dr Zilong Liu (University of Surrey) gave an invited talk on "From Sequences to Codebooks: Code-Domain NOMA for Massive Connectivity" at the 16th IEEE Asia Pacific Wireless Communications Symposium, APWCS 2019, which was held at Singapore Univerisy of Technology and Design, Singapore, between August 28th and August 30th, 2019. The symposium is usually devoted to advances in wireless communications and networking, and the topic of the talk around enabling massive connectivity was very well received.

The Clear5G team together with colleagues from 5G Coral organised the workshop "European and Taiwanese Cooperation on 5G" at the recent EUCNC conference in Valencia, Spain. The presentation slides are now available for viewing here on slideshare.

Colleagues from TNO and Wings prepared and presented "5G Radio Network for Smart Manufacturing" at the Factory of the Future Community days 2019, in Brussels. Clear5G was represented by collegues from NTU Taiwan, TNO, Wings and CEA-Leti from the European partners side.

The presentation will be made available.

Clear 5G will have a strong presence at the forthcoming EUCNC in Valencia, Spain in June 2019. We will be showing some of our findings and developments in our demo booth, will be c0-running a workshop, and we have four research papers accepted for presentation. Visit our booth at EUCNC to see what we have been up to so far!